Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dedicated to knowing subject

In yoga school yesterday we all were given the opportunity to pull a tab that had a principle thought or inspiration from Mr. Iyengar's book "The Tree of Yoga".  There were things like commitment, building confidence in your students, strength etc.  Mine was dedicated to knowing subject.  Initially my first thought was going in deep with yoga, studying the scriptural texts reading all of my assignments and having a deep understanding of the body of knowledge of yoga  asanas and the sacred texts. While that does fit the topic and certainly fits my all in, balls to the wall personality there's more to it than meets the eye.  What started to be revealed the more that I practiced while that little card sat next to my mat was...... You are the subject Ellyn.....You must dedicate yourself to knowing you!  By becoming completely in touch and in tune with my own body, it will help me to gain clarity and insight in to the bodies of others as I begin to teach.  I feel very fortunate to have a background in the healing arts. Through Massage, I already have an eye for honing in on postural imbalances so I am sure that I am able to observe and assist others through yoga as well.

The most important "subjects" will be my students.  As a teacher people will come to me expecting guidance. I have to be able to guide them through their practice and remind them of what they are here to do, that is, to join the body and mind so that they become one seamless flow.  That effort will begin with the breath.  I have found in my own practice that when I allow my breath to guide my movement, rather than the movement leading the breath, I am much more aware of just being present with every asana.  The mind becomes calm, I am not thinking about the laundry, or the time or any other distracting thought that would come up if I were not focusing on my breath.

Hmmmm.... I think I'll write more about that in a blog to come.

Just know that if you are ever in one of my classes I will be honored that you have intrusted me to help you along the way on your yogic journey.  With a humble heart I will joyfully serve.

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