Sunday, May 22, 2011

First day

Excitedly I arrived at yoga teacher school extra early for my first day.  My teacher is someone that I respect and consider a friend. I feel totally honored to be taking this journey with her at the helm of my ship.  There are 11 soon to be yoga teachers sharing this experience. Though we are together, each persons path is truly solitary. This morning we were fully immersed in challenging asanas. In the mid afternoon our minds were stimulated with a yoga discourse on the history and types of yoga. For me the discourse was not new but a reawakening of all that I've been exposed to and assimilated over my 10 years of raja yoga study and practice. Friday begins our retreat at Song of The Morning Ranch (a yoga retreat center). We will delve further  into the study and practice of yoga and developing/designing a personal practice.  This weeks homework is to finish the book "The Yoga of Eating" and complete a 1 page exposition on what stood out to me in the text. The coming week will be full of practicing, observing, journaling and reflecting.  Yoga is not only a destination it truly is a journey. Thank you for joining me on the path!

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