Monday, June 6, 2011

I AM Bliss® Shots......Oh Really?


I saw this ad on Facebook so being the yoga chick that I am, naturally, I clicked.   I initially thought it was some cool new drink.  I searched for the ingredients and saw that they were natural (mostly).  The kicker came when I read what the drink purports to do.  See the blurb I copied from the website:

Holy Trinity of BLISS

When your mind is both calm and clear and your body relaxed, you will experience that sacred state of being called BLISS. The reason why most of us are denied the experience of BLISS is directly related to our lack of one, two, or all three states necessary for BLISS: calmness, clarity and relaxation. The miracle of a 2.5 oz. shot of  I AM BLISS® is that it naturally, safely, and effectively promotes all three states of being. The result is BLISS.

The I AM BLISS® development team shared a single dream. Create a natural product that could safely, and effectively give anyone an authentic experience of BLISS. No small undertaking when you consider the commonly understood meaning of BLISS is a euphoric state of being usually associated with drugs, mystical experiences, or the result of years of meditation.

My commentary: 

Some how I'm thinking this is not what Patanjali had in mind when he gave us the Yoga sutras.  This company is telling you that you can have bliss in a 2.5 ounce bottle in one chug.  Only if it were that simple. I guess it's not so mind boggling. We live in a world were everything is instant.  Instant communication, instant information, instant pleasure and now it looks like bliss is on the list as well.  
  Here you go, here's your instant bliss in the bottle.  Have at it, you are entitled to bliss without any of the effort!  This reeks of entitlement to me.  Something that takes years to cultivate can be gotten in one swig?  Really?  If it were that simple why didn't the yogis of yesteryear mix up some roots and berries to satisfy the quest for bliss?  Because bliss isn't just some temporarily experienced body high that you get.  Bliss, real bliss comes from within (and not from within a bottle)!  True bliss is something that changes your consciousness.  Bliss is not a mere feeling.  It is intuitive and it cannot be given by outer experiences.  Bliss is the cessation of thoughts, the mind is calm and clear, the senses, the breath, the focus on the body and outer world are no more.  There is an inner awakening, a unity and expansiveness of your consciousness with all that is.  And I can guarantee you, it is not to be found within a bottle of Bliss®, nor a liquor bottle, not a dime bag, or a needle.  Though we all would like to find it in other places, bliss is not out there somewhere.  It is right where we are!  In time and with effort it can be ours too.

The next time you see something called bliss in a bottle know that you're dumping money into the pocket of someone who's selling you something that you can get for free. I know we all want bliss quick fast and in a hurry, but the work that it takes, to meditate, practice and do yoga, will be much more rewarding than the length of time you'll feel "bliss" from the bottle.   Sorry, Bliss I'm not buying it!

(FYI the ingredients are tranquilizing herbs, you can grow them or buy them and get relaxed for a fraction of the fee. )



  1. Thanks for the commentary. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Namaste :-)

  2. I have to admit I almost ordered the free one just to see.