Thursday, June 30, 2011

Killer Yoga....Reloaded

If you've read my first blog entitled "Killer Yoga" this is my follow up.

I decided that my first experience was just that, an experience.  I bought a week long pass for $20 on the first day that I took Bikram's Yoga last week.  Of course after I finished the class, I didn't think I'd go back.  I walked out during the last 10 minutes of the first class with a headache, I couldn't mentally remain in the room (nor could I physically at the end) so in my head it was a wrap!  Then I started thinking, it was my first time maybe I could go again.  Who knows?  It might be different.  I should give it another chance.  I started thinking about new students and what kind of things I could share from my experience.  I wanted to try it one more time.... I guess to be sure about it.  Maybe I didn't like it because I felt so bad or maybe I just didn't like it at all.  I am one who loves to investigate and the only way to do that was to take "Killer Yoga" again.

Before I could make it to the lovely city of  Northville I noticed a rash on my legs that we quite uncomfortable.  I noticed it mostly when I walked.  I had a bit of redness and swelling and was obviously having an allergic reaction.  So of course I began to come up with all the reasons that I should not go to yoga.  I told myself that maybe this is my body's way of telling me I should rest.  I might irritate my legs even more if I was active and moving a lot because it became very uncomfortable when I walked.   I was really trying to talk myself out of going to this Bikram's Yoga class.  In my mind I had started planning to go wash clothes and do some reading assignments and other homework for school instead of yoga.  I was trying to do everything except Bikram's Yoga!   I realized that I was trying to talk myself out of going..... So I went anyway.

Maybe the second time was the charm.  As I lay there on my mat, I wondered if on some smaller scale this was what Arjuna when through when he was despondent on the battlefield.  He didn't want to go to war against his kinsmen.  He came up with every reason not to fight a righteous battle.  Luckily for him he had God at his side.  As do we, sometimes we don't think of it in that way, but it's that almost silent whisper urging us to keep on, urging us to do the right things.  That is the silent voice of God.  What we may call conscience.  I digress.  Back to Bikram's Yoga.  I was able to stay in the room, mentally and physically.  The practice was not strenuous for me as it was on my first try.  It was definitely challenging, but I made it through 'til the end.  I felt like I had accomplished something.  Not sure that I want to be patting myself on the back for completing a 90 minute class.  I don't need a reward for doing yoga.  Yoga is the reward!  I am glad that I gave it another try, now I have something to share with my future students.  Sometimes you have to do things even when everything within you is screaming opposite.  Talk it out.  Be aware of the mind chatter that tries to stop you from what is good for you.  It will try to give you a pass to not do yoga or anything else that is good for you with a myriad of reasons.

Killer Yoga Reloaded was still hot, still sweaty, I still had a slight headache when I left, but it didn't last through the next day, it only lasted for about another hour.  I continued to drink water and kept it moving.  My body felt great the next day.  No strain, stress, or muscle soreness.  I went back to my personal practice the next day without any difficulty.  While Bikram's Yoga is still not my personal favorite or preference, I would suggest that anyone who can handle strenuous physical movement try it, at least once, or maybe twice.  I sure am glad that I did. 

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