Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Conscious Corpse!

Up until very recently savasana was a posture that I allowed my body and mind to completely let go relax and fall asleep in.  I recently read an article about savasana and it got me thinking about how to practice savasana it in a very different light.  Wait, did I say practice savasana?  Yes I did.  I know, I know, it's corpse pose.  It's the one where you are supposed to be totally relaxed, free and let your body rest and fall asleep, or so I thought.  Yes no tension no thought and maybe even catch a few Z's.  That was my practice of savasana.  No more!  It actually changed this past Sunday.  Even though I had read an article on savasana (by Michael Stone) weeks ago I had not yet begun to put it into action.  I think I was wrestling with the idea of it in my mind.  I liked being able to let go and rest and even sleep after a good, hard, long, deep, sweaty practice, or even after a restorative gentle practice.  But on Sunday I decided that I was going to relax completely, but also be aware.  I thought to myself that there's no reason that I can't at least try it.  And to my surprise I found a hidden jewel.  Remaining awake and aware in savanasa is what I like to call conscious passivity.  While the body is passive and completely relaxed the mind is aware. You know where your body is in time and space and you watch the breath rise and fall of its own accord.  Thoughts may come but you let them roll away like clouds.   With time the thoughts are no more.  You are present, on your mat vibrating with radiant energy there is a sensation a tingling radiant feeling that enwraps the entire body.  This is something that you must truly experience to understand.  If you've never done it, I implore you to remain awake, aware, and fully conscious during savasana.  Please come back and share what your experience of conscious savasana was like.

This is yoga on the mat!

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