Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tears from the Sun

I had another emotional practice one night.  It's funny, after therapy is when I feel the need to just get on the mat to allow the natural process of release to happen.   I began in tadasna, equally standing on my two feet.  As I raised my arms and looked up, the tears began to fall.  I exhaled, and folded forward only to begin to sob tears flowed uncontrollably.  All I could do was give in.  What an interesting way to begin sun salutations.  I guess I saluted the sun with my tears.
What  a release!  It felt like it was coming from some place long ago. When it finally ceased of its own accord I continued my practice, full of strength and determination to just be on the mat, not think about where it was all coming from, just be in the moment.  Never more present had I been.

This is Yoga!

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