Friday, January 20, 2012


Inside there is a voice, an inner knowingness that is beyond the mental constructs of the mind. The seer. The watcher. This watcher knows all that is and is to come. Some call this the soul.  It is ever perfect, untainted, pure, beyond concept.  The soul is ever one with all that is.  I think sometimes we get glimpses of the soul.  It can take shape in many different ways. Last year two days before an earthquake hit  Appalachia that rippled through  Detroit, I remarked to my coworkers that I felt like I was an observer in my body, like I was not quite integrated into my body.  I felt like I was observing what was happening and not "the doer".  It was a very interesting and peculiar feeling all at once. This yoga thing, I believe, has helped me to become so aware and in tune with my body. This clarity/awareness has not always been a part of me.  Coming from someone who has PTSD and has not always felt integrated within my body, this is a big deal.

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