Thursday, May 16, 2013


I must admit.  I haven't been feeling very yogic lately.  There has been so much violence it feels like we've been cast into hell on earth.  I'm starting to wonder if this is hell and we are trying to find a way to see our selves out of it. Is this the crux of our mission?  To free ourselves This earth has been feeling like a disaster area as of late.  Mass killings are coming like a flurry, innocent lives lost, children dying in their parents arms.  For what?  What is the lesson.  People who live their lives to serve other being brutally killed.  Where's the lesson in that?

My heart is raw. it is aching.  I was in a movie theater in Michigan when a mad man in Colorado decided to go on a rampage.  Those people were doing what thousands of people do on Friday nights, go to a movie opening.  That could have been anyone of us.  And what will happen to staunch the blood letting?  Nothing!  He'll get lumped in with all the other mass murderers. We'll forget about him and the lives he has taken and those that he's forever changed. 
(Written after Aurora, Colorado mass movie theater shooting)

How many people have to die before we stop clinging to our guns as the solution?  How many innocent people minding their own business, going about their lives have to get killed at school, at a supermarket, at a movie theater, at a church, at a temple, at a marathon, a subway, at a hotel, or any other edifice before we really do something to stop the unconscionable killing of our own brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and children?  Who else has to die before we all stand up and take notice and stop it! 

I don't want to die to gun violence.  I've known way too many people who have died at the end of a gun.  Most of them young black men. The first was Lou, he was at a party, a fight broke out, he was trying to break it up and was killed by bullets reigning down on him. The next was Robbie another young boy 15 years old, returning a borrowed jacket when he along with 8 others were forced to lie faced down while they were all killed execution style in what was called Detroit's worst mass murder. There were many others but the one I remember so vividly was 11 year old Derrick my neighbor and my little sisters best friend.  Darkness was just starting to fall  as I sat in the living room with my mom and best friend when I heard shots ring out. So many shots, hard, fast and so disorienting I thought they were coming from all directions and would come ripping through the house and through me at any second.  Eventually after what seemed like many long minutes the shots ceased and all I heard was wailing.  The danger appeared to be over so I ran outside across the street to see if I could help. There was no help to be had as my neighbor, on his knees pleaded with his son, whom as I touched had already grown gray, clammy and lifeless.  No words could escape me. Only disbelief, shock and stomach churning pain that this energetic little boy who was just running up and down the street with his boom box playing Bone Thugs in Harmony was no more.  The sad thing is that I could go on. I could fill up pages with deaths, no murders of young men from 1991 to 2003 that I knew personally. 

A young man on the Melissa Harris-Perry show recently said , "Violence will never cease until we find a way to make money out of peace!" Unfortunately I believe that he is right.  So here is a challenge to all of us peace loving people, let us find a way to make peace so profitable that no one else in our neighborhoods, cities, states, or countries have to die at the end of a gun ever again!