Monday, May 13, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sometimes we become each others mirrors. We reflect beauty, pain, weaknesses, and triumphs!  We see the best and the worst, yet still we love. We see the terribly flawed and the overwhelmingly good. One does not cancel out the other, but acceptance, plus desire and effort to grow seals the bond of love.  That is a place I call home.  

When you find that home, what will you do to sustain it?  Will you plant beautiful flowers in the soil that you've tilled, and watch them blossom into their fullness and beauty?  Or will you let the weeds that spring up grow and drain the sustenance and joy from all that you have cultivated?

The flowers are of  patience, common interests, love, truthfulness, gratitude, compassion, respect, and gentleness. 

The weeds spring from pride, jealousy, fear, anger, selfishness, fault finding and possessiveness. 

The choice of what grows in your garden is yours. Just keep in mind every day, what am I cultivating?  Before you go to bed at night, tonight and every night, search the spotlight of your mind and determine if you are planting gorgeous flowers that you wish to share with everyone. Or peace sapping weeds that must be plucked and thrown in to the fire that burns away the dross that keeps us from our highest good?

Till the soil, plant the flowers, or burn the weeds?  All of thee above. We are all sure to have some weeds, just remember when you notice them, to be grateful that you have the ability to be honest and introspective so that you may rid yourself of weeds before they overtake your beautiful garden of peace, happiness, love and joy. 

Oh Arjuna,the Kurus and the Pandus what did they? ( paraphrasing from the Bhagavad Gita, my bad tendencies and good tendencies, which ones won out today?)

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