Monday, December 2, 2013

Say hello to my little friend: Spirit Quartz Crystal

Say hello to my little friend: Spirit Quartz Crystal
Spirit Quartz
Spirit quartz is a lovely little amethyst, though it does come in other varieties, the one I gravitate to is of the amethyst kind.  It has a faint lavender hue.  To hold this stone in the hand is to feel jagged little rocky edges.  The crystals burst forth from this little gem jutting in all different directions.  Amethyst has been one of my favorite crystals since long before I became aware of energetic properties.  I remember going into the gift shop at Kings Island as a kid and picking up this stone.  It was certainly amongst my collection of things to bring home from the amusement park.  I digress.  I've been playing with this little stone for about two weeks or so and what I feel is instant energy that draws my attention to the spiritual eye (third eye) or that little place above and between your eyes.  Some ancient cultures call this is the seat of wisdom.  I find that tuning the consciousness there helps to do a couple of things.  First it brings your awareness to a feeling of tranquility that flows from within you and second it is where I tune into when I get an intuitive feeling about something.  It is where you can go to seek answers (from within).  If you are a meditator (but try this even if you are not), try holding this stone in your hand (I had it in my right hand) sit silently and just see what you feel.  Maybe your experience will be different from mine.  Maybe it won't but this stone just exudes spirituality. If that word doesn't suit you here's another, CLARITY.  If there is something in your life for which you are seeking answers to, this may be the stone for you.  Maybe it's the fact that I had a birthday and I always become more introspective around this time of year.  Maybe it's because Thanksgiving is near and I am seeing more ways to appreciate the people and things in my life.  Maybe its all of the above.  I can say that since I've begun "playing" with this stone regularly I have gained clarity and understanding about questions that I wasn't even seeking answers to.  Whatever the cause, I am grateful.  Say hello to this little friend and come back and share what experiences you have with it.


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