Friday, February 24, 2017


I admit it.  I am not always as diligent about meditating as I'd like to be. In fact, I can honestly admit that I have be a slacker of sorts lately.  But when I do go back to my regular daily practice I feel more at peace, less frustrated, and less easily annoyed by the little annoyances of life.

I've been practicing every day, but not nearly as long as I'd like to. With school being in full swing, having work and family life, it's quite easy to stumble off the path.  When I cannot meditate as long as I like, I make sure that I practice the presence of God more.  I make sure that I am practicing using affirmations more regularly.  I take a little time out to think of and pray for those that are in need or for the loved ones of those who have died.

So while my meditation practice isn't currently as lengthy as I want it to be I still make time for cultivating my relationship with God and praying for others.   I also remember that all of life is spiritual life.  Spiritual life is not relegated to a day or time or place, it is everyday existence.

What are some things that you do to maintain balance, peace and focus in your spiritual life?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

America got the President She Deserved

Let me first start by saying that I was not a fan of either party nominee for the election in my country. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and consider myself a Progressive.  I don't think that the whole of the Democratic party is Progressive.  I think that the party figureheads are comfortable with the status quo and put corporations over people.  I don't think that these people are evil for it, I honestly think that they went to Washington hoping to make a difference and got snagged in the machinations of our political system.  If we the people truly want a system by and for the people we must first and foremost ensure that there is one vote per person and we the people must have a collective voice that is louder than that of the corporations.  Removing money from politics should be on the agenda of every American no matter what the party line.  This will keep our voices from being drowned out by lobbyists and special interests that don't have the people's best interest at heart.  All lobbyists aren't bad.  They just shouldn't be the loudest voices that our representatives here.

I think that the Democratic Party lost due to a myriad of reasons.  Hubris being one of them.  The Democrats ran the most establishment candidate possible at a time when the country was clamoring for something far different than what we have ever had.  The country was sick and tired of repeats and blasts from the past.  We certainly didn't want another legacy candidate, that's what Hillary Clinton represented.  People were wanting real change.  That's why populist candidates saw the biggest rallies and had throngs of supporters.

Hillary Clinton racked up a lot of pledged delegates against Bernie Sanders' insurgent campaign, the problem is that the Dems refused to take the blinders off.  Hillary Clinton won states that would NEVER go for a democrat.  Their biggest mistake was to not look at Michigan as an outlier.  She had my home state by a 40 point lead that she began with but Bernie won it anyway.  People like to say that she won more votes, while not taking into account all of the states that have caucuses instead of ballot voting.

Part of what won Trump the presidency was the sheer ignorance and lack of understanding of the Democratic party and the racist, sexist, xenophobic past of America coming back to haunt itself. It really never went anywhere, it was just hidden. By my estimation Trump won with 50% died in wool Republicans, 25% Independents/Democrats, and 25% Basket of deplorable.  The truth of the matter is that there are people in this country who voted for Trump who actually believe that slavery should never have ended.  While it is untenable for most Americans that others believe something as despicable as this, it's true.  There are those that voted for Obama but still voted for Trump because they wanted to see someone who was looking out for them.  He talked a good game, but unfortunately those people believed in all the talk instead of looking at the life he's lived for decades. Nothing in his background says that he supports the little guy.  In fact it says the opposite.  But in this day and age of reality shows and everyone wanting to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous this was to be expected.

How do we move forward though?
Make your suggestion in the comments section.  I think working together after this ill fated election could make a more positive impact than we could have ever imagined.