Saturday, December 11, 2021

The order

I was at work while The president of my church (Self-Realization Fellowship) Brother Chidananda began The Lay Disciple Order Inauguration announcement on a live stream. I was counting inventory and practicing the presence of God until 
at about 10pm. Suddenly I remembered that it was on and I forgot to start streaming from the beginning. I worried that I missed it altogether, but I opened up the page and saw that it was still ongoing. I pressed play and turned my phone up loud enough to listen while I worked. I was so glad that I didn’t miss all of it live.  There’s just something about that Collective consciousness for me where I just love tuning in with thousands of people at the same time.

As I was listening and working brother Vishwananda begins to speak. I had the scanner in my hand I stepped up on the ladder to begin counting it was then that I realized that I need a taller ladder to count these shelves, as they were taller than the ones I had just finished counting. I was on a two step ladder and I am about 5‘5“ tall. As I stepped down to go retrieve a taller ladder my foot seemed get caught between the steps and I fell. It almost seemed like it was in slow motion. The back of my head smashed against the metal shelves and I could feel the front of my brain hit my skull my teeth chattered from crashing together in that hard fall. I heard my smack the shelves. I heard glass supplement bottles clang against my head and each other.  I hit the ground with such force that my sacrum still hurts as I write this. 

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